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Presentation of this platform for environmental & social foresight by Dinah Louda, Presidente.
Heading towards 2030: outlook and challenges for essential services in Africa; High-potential
innovations for a fast-changing continent; Conditions needed for scaling up successfully
Hervé le Treut, Climatologist and member of the French Academy of Sciences, reviews the state of global warming and the impact of human activity on the planet.
What is the impact of the health crisis on commodity markets? By Philippe Chalmin, Professor at the University of Paris Dauphine
What role do metals play in the energy transition? What are the most critical metals? How could Europe secure its supply of critical metals? Explanations with Olivier Vidal, Research Director CNRS, Institut des Sciences de la Terre.
Behind the figures,what do we know today about the sources of indoor air pollution around theworld? What solutions exist to improve and preserveit?
The 2019 Veolia Institute Activity Report is available! Find last year's retrospective and an outlook for 2020.
While 80% of food will be consumed in cities in 2050, the issue of urban food, coupled with urban explosion and climate change, is becoming one of our greatest challenges.
The latest of the Veolia Institute Review focuses on the challenges related to the renewal of plastics.
The Veolia Institute Review explores the issue of urban resilience and the innovative solutions that cities are deploying to address it.
Mathieu Detchessahar, professor at the University of Nantes, explains the main trends in managements styles.
Highlights from the Veolia Institute Foresight Committee’s 2018 annual meeting.
What are the main geopolitical issues a the moment? Answers from Thomas Gomart, Director of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).
Lord Nicholas Stern joined the Veolia Institute's Foresight Committee and gave an address on the Institute's International Conference on Resource Availability in a Low Carbon World.