Don’t look up: what skills for ecological transformation?

Andreas Schleicher

Director for Education and Skills, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

People and places are more connected than ever through modern forces such as globalisation and digitisation, but today’s world is also far more uncertain, complex and prone to shocks – including environmental shocks. Transforming and innovating our economies to be more sustainable, climate-friendly and resilient requires a ‘future-thinking’ education system. A ‘future-thinking’ education system is one that can help equip and prepare humans with the skills, values and attitudes that are required for ecological transformation. Done in the right way, a new approach to education can not only help reset our connection to the planet, but develop values that bridge our social differences too. This article shares lessons and reflections from the OECD on the key skills, values and attitudes that are needed to drive innovation for the ecological transformation and support human flourishing.