The Veolia Institute Talks

Exploring ongoing environmental and societal changes

In 2018, the Institut Veolia initiated a new format of meetings for Veolia managers to explore the environmental, societal and geopolitical changes underway through dialogue with high-level experts. Short video interviews are used to relay the key messages of these meetings to a wider audience.


Water has always been a strategic issue in conflicts

March, 2022

Franck Galland, CEO of  the engineering consultancy Environmental Emergency & Security Services - (ES)² discusses water as a strategic issue in a geopolitical context currently marked by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Essential to human life, water also plays a major role in conflicts. On the one hand because armies must ensure their supply for the troops, on the other hand because the temptation is great, since Antiquity, to conduct a water war.


Climate and data: geopolitical issues

May, 2021

Thomas Gomart, Director of the French Institute of International Relations, discusses the position of environmental and digital issues in a geopolitical context marked by Sino-American rivalry. The strategic choices of the various actors in terms of climate policy and data control will be increasingly structuring.


Global warming: from science to action

March, 2021

Hervé le Treut, Climatologist and member of the French Academy of Sciences, reviews the state of global warming and the impact of human activity on the planet. The world is globally impacted by the climate crisis, this observation calls for action. Acting locally can be a response to this challenge.


Raw materials markets and the Covid-19 crisis

November, 2020

What is the impact of the health crisis on commodity markets? In particular, what has been the impact of the crisis on the oil market? In which market do we see the most promising signs of a recovery?  What are the trends in the secondary raw materials markets? Answers from Philippe Chalmin, Professor at the University of Paris Dauphine.


Critical metals and the energy transition

October, 2020

What role do metals play in the energy transition? What are the most critical metals? How could Europe secure its supply of critical metals? Answers from Olivier Vidal (CNRS).


Overview of geopolitical issues

June, 2019

What are the main geopolitical issues a the moment? Answers from Thomas Gomart, Director of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).


The main trends in management styles

May, 2019

Mathieu Detchessahar, University Professor (University of Nantes | Institut d'Economie et de Management de Nantes), explains the main trends in management styles. What are freedom-form company and dialogue-based companies? What impact are technological revolutions having on these managerial changes?


Artificial intelligence and Resource Management

October, 2018

Nicolas Miailhe, Co-founder and President of The Future Society, speaks about the issues arising from artificial intelligence in terms of resource and city management. He also discusses the impacts of this technological evolution for a company such as Veolia.

Global raw materials and commodities markets

June, 2018

Philippe Chalmin, Professor at Paris-Dauphine University, President and Founder of Cyclope (Europe's leading research institute on raw materials markets), presents the main trends on the global raw materials and commodities markets, on the occasion of the 2018 Cyclope report publication. It also discusses the impact of these changes on Veolia's business, in addition to the risks and the outloook going forward.