The Veolia Institute's 2023 activity report is online!

Discover our renewed commitment to innovation at the service of ecological transformation through the many projects and achievements of 2023.
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THE YEAR 2023 :

The Veolia Institute talks, with inspiring talks from Franck Aggeri on innovation, Philippe Chalmin on his Cyclope 2023 report, and a first scientific talk with Professor Yves Lévi on the impact of chemical pollutants on health, as well as by our latest FACTS Review followed by a conference-debate.

Conference-debates are planned in the near future on the following themes:

Sufficiency: The next issue of our FACTS Review will focus on sufficiency. It will explore its definition, its international resonance, the operational models that draw inspiration from it, as well as the moral presuppositions and its relevance in the face of changing consumer behaviour.
Environmental health: The second issue of 2024 will look at the impact of climate change on environmental health. It will examine the risks to human health, the consequences for ecosystems and the challenges faced by organisations in adapting to protect public health.


Activity report 2023