Conférence debate " Smart Cities"

  19th December 2017

  Aubervilliers, France

  Smart Cities
Smart Cities at the Crossroads
On December 19th the Veolia Institute organised a conference debate on « smart cities », following the publication of a special issue of FACTS Reports

Digital technologies are revolutionizing the city's functions, the way we work and consume, the relationships between citizens and even the relationship between citizens and other actors such as public authorities. This means that they both raise high hopes and fears.

The FACTS Reports is divided into three main sections:

  • The social impact of digital technologies in cities, the question of power and its legitimacy.
  • The new forms of citizen engagement using digital technologies.
  • The success factors to scale up smart cities.

Each topic is based on actual case studies, from FabLabs in Lisboa, to the Food Assembly in France, or digital platforms in Nairobi and Barcelona. On December 19th, representatives from Azao, Lulu dans ma Rue, Veolia and the CNIL discussed the future of smart cities, both in terms of business model, public regulation and social impact.
If you missed it you can watch the confenrence here and to learn more about this special issue of FACTS reports follow this link