The Olympic Games: social and environmental innovation

Olivier Gilbert

Employment developer for the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics

In 2020, his track record as a social innovator led to Olivier Gilbert’s appointment as Employment Developer for the Olympics and Paralympics, to be held in Paris from July to September 2024.

Working mainly in the Seine-Saint-Denis department, near Paris, he identifies, coordinates and drives the rollout of various actions designed to deliver on commitments made by the French government to create and support local jobs during preparations for the Games. The government is determined that the Games will be green, inclusive and socially positive. A great many of the events will take place in Seine-Saint-Denis, a part of France scarred by poverty and high unemployment rates. This is an area where job creation is a priority, but it cannot happen in traditional ways: innovation is needed. The scale of the mobilization required to prepare for the Olympic Games, and the very tight deadlines they impose, make it possible to overcome some of the barriers that often hamper or block social and environmental innovation.