Resilient cities

Special Issue 18 (2018)

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While 70% of the world's population will live in cities in 2050, cities today face unprecedented challenges: climate change, natural disasters, health crises, loss of attractiveness, industrial decline, poverty, etc.

How can we face these risks and enable cities to meet these challenges?

The Veolia Institute, a platform for environmental and societal foresight, brought together various stakeholders (researchers, public authorities, NGOs, companies, etc.) to exchange views and explore the issue of urban resilience and the innovative solutions that cities are deploying to meet these challenges.

Review coordinated by Mathilde Martin-Moreau and David Ménascé.


La résilience urbaine : introduction du numéro et synthèse des débats

"Urban resilience: introducing this issue and summarizing the discusssions"

Mathilde Martin-Moreau and David Ménascé (Azao)
Lutter contre l’accumulation des risques en Afrique subsaharienne

Breaking the cycle of risk accumulation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mark Pelling (Urban Africa: Risk Knowledge)
Les défis de la décroissance urbaine

The challenges of degrowth in cities

Daniel Florentin (ISIGE-Mines ParisTech)
Hébergement et intégration des réfugiés à Hambourg

"Housing and integrating refugees in Hamburg"

Anselm Sprandel (Central Coordination Unit for Refugees, City of Hamburg)
Témoignage sur les migrations et la résilience

Testimony on migration and resilience

Guillaume Capelle (Singa)
Copenhague résilience et habitabilité

"Copenhagen: resilience and liveability"

An article written with the support of the City of Copenhagen.
Une stratégie globale de résilience

A comprehensive strategy of resilience: Veolia and Swiss Re partnership in New Orleans

Laurent Auguste (Veolia) and Ivo Menzinger (Swiss Re)
Favoriser les « flux faibles » et les petites interventions dans le tissu urbain  l’expérience du Japon - Vue aérienne de K-TOWN. Photo © Toshiharu Kitajima, 2017

Empowering “Small Flows” in the urban fabric: experiences from Japan

Hidetoshi Ohno (University of Tokyo)
Hackers Against Natural Disasters

"Hackers against natural disasters: accustoming people to risk"

Gaël Musquet (HAND, Fellow Ashoka)
Aider les villes à se transformer l’initiative 100 Resilient Cities - Bangkok

"Helping cities drive transformation: the 100 Resilient Cities Initiative"

Michael Berkowitz (100 Resilient Cities), Dr. Arnoldo Matus Kramer (Mexico City’s)
Les « obligations de résilience »

Resilience Bonds: a business-model for resilient infrastructure

Shalini Vaijhala and James Rhodes (re:focus partners)

Des villes résilientes aux citoyens résilients

"From resilient cities to resilient citizens: the use of Facebook groups during disasters"

Deepti Doshi and Nicole Schneidman (Facebook)
Recréer du lien social dans les villes vulnérables

"Strengthening social ties in vulnerable cities"

Jean-Christophe Levassor (La Condition Publique)