The revival of urban agriculture: an opportunity for the composting stream

Le renouveau de l’agriculture urbaine : une opportunité pour la filière du compostage

Marjorie Tendero, Assistant Professor, ESSCA

Carola Guyot Phung, Research Associate, I3 CRG laboratory, École Polytechnique

Urban composting is currently booming, especially thanks to the new outlets that urban agriculture offers for organic materials. Faced with the challenges of the sustainable city of tomorrow, this practice, whether individual or collective, engages citizens and offers a decentralized response with positive impacts for the environment and for neighborhood social relations.

Its success involves making material available in a common space, a communication system and support from residents’ initiatives. Technical, ecological, agricultural, economic and social aspects must be considered to ensure its success, while scientific knowledge is essential to inform, overcome certain obstacles and ensure the quality of this urban form of production.