Transitioning the chemical market

Anna Lennquist
Senior Toxicologist, ChemSec

Chemicals are everywhere in our everyday products. Many of them have proven to be hazardous and threaten our health as well as the environment. Scientists and chemical researchers have led many studies demonstrating the devastating effects from the widespread use of manmade hazardous chemicals (risks of cancers, diabetes, respiratory disorders, disruption of ecosystems, soil contamination, etc.). While awareness among society and consumers is slowly increasing, much remains to be done to set the chemical industry’s transition in motion.

This shift is not impossible, and is in fact achievable given that many toxic substances are replaceable with safer and more sustainable alternatives. Driving the switch to safer alternatives requires all stakeholders, from govemnments to businesses and investors, to adopt far more proactive policies in this area. Chemicals and their impacts should not be underestimated on our path toward a green transition.