Consumer education can lead to behaviour change

Gordon Achola, Country manager, EXP agency
Nana Asamoah-Manu, Quality Assurance lead, IFC
Younès Drici Tani, Non-affiliated environmental activist
Andrea Weiss, Media manager, WWF South Africa

Changes not only at macro level but also at micro level are required to create more sustainable and efficient essential services in Africa. From this perspective, how can we promote change in consumer behaviour when we know that it is difficult to transform habits and beliefs that are rooted in everyday life? A set of four articles has been chosen to describe in detail consumer education strategies put in place to create awareness and changes in consumer and citizen behavior.

A comparative and analytical approach helps understand how: i) the diffusion of off-grid solar energy in rural areas is facilitated by a few key principles of consumer education strategy; ii) social network have become a civic mobilization channel for cleaning up garbage in public spaces; iii) the future of drinking water is transformed by journeys of citizen mobilization.