Conference-debate "Decentralised electrification and development" - FACTS Reports special issue


  7th of Octobre 2016

  Pantheon-Sorbonne University (Paris I)

  Actions on climate change, Energy
On 7th of October 2016, to mark the publication of a FACTS Reports special issue on the theme of decentralised electrification and development, the Veolia Institute and Ferdi, in collaboration with Pantheon-Sorbonne University (Paris 1), organised a conference-debate that took place on the Pantheon-Sorbonne University campus. The special issue featured introductions by Thierno Bocar Tall, CEO of the African Biofuel and Renewable Energy Company (ABREC) and Jean-Michel Severino, President of I&P (Investisseurs et Partenaires).

This conference-debate, hosted by Jean-Claude Berthélemy (economy professor at Paris 1 University and Senior Fellow at Ferdi), generated great interest (more than 80 participants). It was an opportunity to present and assess the various approaches to decentralised electrification implemented in recent years to improve access to electricity for off-grid populations. The event provided a forum for discussion of best practices and learning from the experiences of those in the decentralised electrification sector.