Public services and Management: designs, issues and implications for local governance


  12, 13 and 14 january, 2006
  Toulouse, France
  Governance and social dialogue

The implementation of an effective governance system to manage vital public services such as water distribution, transportation, health and education is a major challenge. These last years, it is more and more necessary to delegate these services to the private sector (in both developed and developing countries). This approach is essential for the theoretical and applied research because the evolution tends to redefine the borders between the public and the private sphere.

It is the reason why the Veolia Institute gathered international experts to discuss this important topic during its second conference, organized in partnership with the IDEI in Toulouse.

Some addressed topics

  • Public versusPrivate Ownership of Infrastructure,
  • Local Governments and their Relationships with the Private Sector: "Governance or
  • Government,''
  • Public-Private-Partnerships in Developing Countries,
  • Design of Concession Contracts,
  • Private Finance Initiative: Issues and Perspectives,
  • Bidding for Concession Contracts and its Impact on Competition,
  • Empirical Analysis,
  • Studies by Sectors,
  • For Profit and Non-Profit Firms in Public-Private-Partnerships. 

Scientific Committee: 

Marcel BOYER, CIRANO, University of Montréal


Antonio ESTACHE, The World Bank and ECARES Bruxelles


Eduardo ENGEL, Yale University


Oliver HART, Harvard University




Jonathan LEVIN, Stanford University


David MARTIMORT, IDEI, Université de Toulouse


Amartya SEN, Nobel Laureate and Professor of Economics and Philosophy, Harvard University


Steve TADELIS, Stanford University


Jean TIROLE, IDEI, Scientific Director


Porter K. WHEELER, Infrastructure Management Group, Inc.