The Veolia Institute Review - FACTS Reports

The Veolia Institute Review - FACTS Reports is a high-level international publication compiling diverse perspectives on topics at the crossroads between society and the environment.

The review was launched in 2007 with the aim of sharing best practices from the field, to help find solutions to problems in the economy, healthcare, environment, agriculture, education and development, in both developing and developed countries.

The interdisciplinary review is a vehicle for sharing the experiences and expertise of different stakeholders (researchers, academic experts, policymakers, companies, NGOs, international organizations, etc), with the aim of thinking together to illuminate the future, by combining feedback on best practices from the field and expert analysis. The articles are subject to a reading committee prior to publication.

Committed to tackling the major challenges facing our societies, the review focuses on a wide range of issues related to the future of urban living as well as sustainable production and consumption (cities, urban services, environment, energy, health, agriculture, etc).

The Veolia Institute Review N.18 - Resilient cities
N°18 - 2018

Resilient Cities

N°17 - 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

couv Facts Smart cities (EN)
N°16 - 2017

Smart Cities at the crossroads


SI 15
N°15 - 2016

Decentralized electrification and development

Facts couv english
N°14 - 2016

Environmental and social acceptability of major industrial projects

Migration et santé
N°13 - 2015

Migration and Health


FACTS Reports 2014
N°12 - 2014

Last Mile Delivery

NS 11
N°11 - 2014

Stories of Innovative Democracy at Local Level

NS 10
N°10 - 2014

​Improving Health Among Immigrant Populations


ns2 art9
N°9 - 2014

Haïti : Innovations locales, clés pour un développement durable et inclusif

NS 8 (santé)
N°8 - 2013

Access to healthcare, healthcare funding and performance

NS 7
N°7 - 2013




ns2 art6
N°6 - 2012

Reconciling Poverty Eradication and Protection of the Environment

NS 5
N°5 - 2012

Women's and Children's Health

NS 4
N°4 - 2012

Fighting poverty, between market and gift


NS 3
N°3 - 2011


NS 2
N°2 - 2010

Migration and Health

NS 1
     N°1 - 2010

Urban agriculture