The Foresight Committee's agenda

Regular meetings


  • October 6th and 7th: Paris (France), on the challenge of plastic in the oceans

    Réunion du Comité de prospective - Octobre 2018 / Foresight Committee's meeting - October 2018 : Harvey Fineberg, Andrew Morlet, Patrick Labat, Julien Boucher, Maria Luiza Pedrotti, Romain Troublé, Fanny Arnaud, Nicholas Stern, Philippe Kourilsky, Mamphela Ramphele, Lucy Woodall, Jean-Pierre Tardieu, Pierre-Marc Johnson, Dinah Louda.


  • June 3rd and 4th: Paris,  on the future of hydrocarbons and petrochemicals and the impact on greenhouse gas emissions


  • December 17th and 18th: Paris, on the future of metals and strategic materials
  • June 11th, 12th: Tokyo (Japan), on the theme of Robotics - Applications in the health or nuclear industry sectors, impacts on employment and ethical implications of the development of artificial intelligence.
  • December 5-6: Paris (France), on the theme of climate change: Held on the fringe of COP21 and the Veolia Institute's projects on methane
  • ​June 27-28: Prague (Czech Republic), on the theme of energy efficiency in Europe - First participation of the Foresight Committee’s new member, Yuriko Koike.
  • May 31: Washington DC. (USA), on the theme of ecosystem restoration.
  • The meeting was held on the fringe of the Institute’s international conference organized on the same theme on May 29 and 30 at the National Academy of Sciences.
  • December 18-19: New Delhi (India), on the theme of access to water in India - From the technical, contractual and social angles.