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Development, humanitarian action, health, education, environment : these are themes that involve numerous actors world-wide — NGOs, governmental and multilateral organisations, academic institutions, companies, consultants. Their activities give rise to knowledge, know-how, experience and problem-solving methods that are not adequately disseminated and shared between actors in the field. It is this observation that prompted the Veolia Institute to launch the FACTS Reports review in 2008, with the aim of providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge and know-how validated through the process of Peer Review, as required by the scientific community.
N°17 - 2017
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
couv Facts Smart cities (EN)
N°16 - 2017
Smart Cities at the crossroads
SI 15
N°15 - 2016
Decentralized electrification and development


Facts couv english
N°14 - 2016
Environmental and social acceptability of major industrial projects
Migration et santé
N°13 - 2015
Migration and Health
FACTS Reports 2014
N°12 - 2014
Last Mile Delivery


NS 11
N°11 - 2014
Stories of Innovative Democracy at Local Level
NS 10
N°10 - 2014
​Improving Health Among Immigrant Populations
ns2 art9
N°9 - 2014
Haïti : Innovations locales, clés pour un développement durable et inclusif


NS 8 (santé)
N°8 - 2013
Access to healthcare, healthcare funding and performance
NS 7
N°7 - 2013
ns2 art6
N°6 - 2012 Reconciling Poverty Eradication and Protection of the Environment  


NS 5
N°5 - 2012
Women's and Children's Health
NS 4
N°4 - 2012
Fighting poverty, between market and gift
NS 3
N°3 - 2011


NS 2
N°2 - 2010
Migration and Health
NS 1
N°1 - 2010
Urban agriculture